Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool

Well-designed program for creating an external bootable drive for a PC


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  • Category Operating Systems
  • Program license Free
  • Version 8.00.7600.16385
  • Size 2.72 MB
  • Works under: Windows Vista
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Microsoft

The Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool lets you download Windows 7 via the Internet and configure it for installation via a USB flash drive or DVD disc.

The Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool is a program developed by Microsoft to make it simple for the average user to purchase, download and install Windows online. You don’t have to have purchased Windows 7 online, however. If you’ve lost the disc or need to install from USB and have the Windows product key from your retail or OEM purchase, you can still use this tool just as well.

Microsoft has done a great job of making this easy to use. It is very hands-off and requires only light input from the user, such as choosing USB or DVD and a drive letter. With you start the process, the program will first download the data files. When that download completes, it will configure those files as a self-executable image of Windows. That image can then be written to USB or burned to DVD.

Self-executable means that it requires no input. Simply place the USB flash drive in a USB port or the DVD disc in a DVD drive, and then reboot the system. Windows will take over from there and prompt you as needed. Note that some PC configurations will require you to go into the BIOS in order to enable boot from USB or to give the USB drive priority over the drive where the current Windows installation resides.

The Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool is a focused solution that does what the developers set out to do well. It’s unfortunate that it couldn’t also support advanced options. This tool won’t, for instance, let you customize the installer, and the image it creates isn’t suitable for batch OS installations. For that, you’ll need to look at other Windows installation tools that Microsoft offers.


  • Creates a digital image of Windows 7 on demand
  • Run the image from a USB flash drive or DVD disc
  • Created image is self-executing


  • No installer customization
  • Not suitable for batch installs
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